Saturday, 27 June 2009

Assen 2008

Photo Hunters and Camera Critters!


This time last year, for Mummy's birthday we went to Assen. We like the ferry journey from Newcastle over to Ijmuiden. We will be going on the same ferry later this summer when we tour France!

Wherever I go I meet new people. Last year was no exception when we went over to Assen for the Moto GP round. Sitting in front of us were some james Toseland fans. James comes from Yorkshire and we have met him on many occasions. He knows me very well!

Here I am with Mummy and Daddy! Mummy isn't that short, Daddy was standing on a chair! lol!

Here is James in action!

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Valentino Rossi had a problem in the first lap and dropped back to 10th position! But being the star he is each round saw him clambering back another position! The crowd was really behind him! I think he came in 4th! One rider run out of petrol about 5 yards from the finishing flag and another rider, Colin Edwards got 3rd position!

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I hope you have enjoyed my Flags post, part of Photo Hunters project by tnchick!


  1. Racing fun! Yea! Did you know that the shop I live at restores Porsche race cars? So you see, I am around racing contraptions all the time. I even get to hear them start up those loud engines every now & then.
    Happy Birthday to your Mummy!
    your cat pal,

  2. Keep in touch with me when you cross Belgium, for the moment I am here in Italy on holidays, but we can talk about that when I am back home !
    When I was in Eastbourne there was a football match and I wondered why so many people had flags from the Red Cross hanging out of their windows, lol !

  3. Different and funny day!
    Cool post!
    happy camera critters!
    purrs and love
    Luna(from Brazil)

  4. Great shots! My son would love this race.

  5. Woo! Looks like a fantastic time was had!

    I also did Photo Hunters (finally). I hope you can visit.

    Have a happy weekend!
    Mrs. Mecomber

  6. It looks like you had a great time there... didn't get bothered by the noise or cheers I see. Nice day. My flags are here.

  7. I like that ferry too, I've used it several times to visit Netherlands and Germany

  8. Looks like a very fun and eXciting day!


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