Tuesday, 23 June 2009

W is for....My World Tuesday!

Parliament Square, Ramsey IOM

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This is me on the back of mummy. Daddy is the rider. This photograph sums up my world, as seen from the back of a motorbike.
I have to thank Babooshka for taking this photograph.
It pretty much sums up my world.
You would be amazed at the things I see and the people I meet.
Over the next few weeks I will share my world with you!


  1. You have a very FAST & EXCITING life Mr. Duck! Keep on sharing cuz we're sure watching you!
    your cat friend,

  2. Looks fun, and I love the color coordination.

    Please be so kind to remember put your country with your name when you link from the My World Tuesday site. I'm fixing this one for you.

    Thanks so much for participating!

  3. hey! great to see you agin at Pet Pride you sure are having a roaring time!

    life is good!


  4. Hi nice to meet you ^__^
    We love ducks :)
    My Daddy has also a BIKE !!!

    hug from
    Kareltje =^.^=

  5. You do indeed know how to live! What fun! So glad Babooshka got such a fun shot for you to share!

  6. Lol! Not a bad life for being a duck, ey?

  7. Sorry I missed you. Maybe next year.

  8. Hello Duckie!

    Have to see say it was great day and so wonderful to meet not only you special duck but mommy and daddy too. Just have to see what other photos I have of you all and the other tourists that day.

  9. I sure admire the tow of you. I dreamed about a motorbike sometime ago but drop it for racing bicycle ( for recreational biking). The family resistance was one reason and my own courage was another.

  10. I luv this Duck. Its such a Ducky World!!

  11. Hi Duck, you certainly do have some adventures, my cat Porsche now thinks she is a deprived cat as she has to stay home when we go out for fun times.

  12. That looks a little scarey for a Duck without a helmet. I hope you held on tight!

  13. you are WILDER than I, I do believe!

  14. So nice to finally meet you, Mr. Duck! You have a much more exciting life than I have:)

  15. Be sure and hang on tight as you go zipping along!
    Looking forward to seeing more of your world...

  16. You're very brave! I;d be so scared!!


Thanks for popping by! Will visit you when I return!