Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Phew! TT 2009

Here I am on the ferry as we left Heysham!
Always pronounce Heeeeysham, NOT HAYsham!

The very first night we had a lovely meal at Chequers in port Erin.
This is Gerry!
He said mummy had luvly hair! Daddy was watching him! lol!

Our friends on the Honda stand always look out for me!

Here I am with mummy and daddy! LOL!
What a mad bunch we are!

Here I am hanging out in the paddock.
This is Ian Locher who I know from Scarborough Road Races!
This was his 100th race at the TT!

Jamie Whitham was one of the commentators!

On Saturday we had a train journey!

Daddy nodded off as we waited for the train to Laxey!

Here I am going up the mountain railway!

Sunday came all too soon and it was time to go home.
Can you see me on the back of our bike?


  1. Whoo Hooo, what a fun blog and I adore Duck....
    Looking forward to more travel adventures.

  2. Looks like the duck had a blast.

  3. This is very fun!
    Looking forward to more Duck Travels.

  4. I Love it :o)

    Look forward to more updates

  5. hey ducky! good to see you too at Pet Pride! you sure are unique and your mum and dad sure love you a lot to take you around on their bike travels!! wow! hope to see you around every week now and learn something about the places you travel to!


  6. My question is, Mr. Duck, do you have a name or does everybody just call you "the duck"? I can tell that I am going to be a big fan of yours, so you'd better get used to seeing my face!
    Yours truly,
    Bruce the cat:)

  7. Hi mr Duck
    Nice to meet you !!
    purrss from
    Kareltje =^.^=

  8. You got a picture with Jamie! :D (I'm a bit of a fan!). Great pictures... Sounds like you enjoyed the TT... I'm hoping to go again soon :)

  9. congrats with another new blog.
    I still have more than enough with my one.


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