Sunday, 5 July 2009

Odd Shots & Whitby

Me, Yesterday with Mr Bassett!

Imagine my surprise yesterday, there we were trundling along the moor villages when we came across this strange group of characters in Glaisdale!

These were very good!

I thought I would join in for a while!

Daddy was waiting for mummy who was taking the photographs.
We couldn't stay too long because the weather was hot and it was uncomfortable for both mummy and daddy in their bike gear! I was OK cos I was flying in the breeze on mummy's back.

We decided to go to the North York Moors Railway and have an icecream.

I had a chat with some of the passengers waiting for a train, they were going to Pickering!

We watched some of the trains

Daddy doesn't like having his photograph taken, can you tell?
If you look into the window you can see my reflection!
Mummy was holding me whilst she took the photograph.

It was good to get out as we hadn't managed to get out on the motorbike last weekend.
It was mummy's birthday and on Sunday we had to do some shopping for Grandma as she wanted a new laptop.

One of mummy's friends, Auntie Julie couldn't go to the big party so she took Mummy and me to Whitby on Friday!

We had a luvly lunch then we went on a boat ride out to sea.

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Auntie Julie and I had a good talk about stuff

I tickled Auntie Julie, she laughed!

You can see The Marine, this is where we had lunch.
Auntie Julie had a crab sandwich, mummy had mackeral.

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Here you can see St. Mary's Church next to Whitby Abbey.
There are 199 steps up to the Abbey! I think I would prefer to fly!

We had a great day!
The weather was a bit iffy and there was a huge downpour which we missed!

Yesterday we had to get some new tyres fitted on the motorbike, so later on when Daddy finishes work we may get out for an adventure. Mummy has said however she wont go if it is too hot as the bike gear can be very very hot! It is OK for me you se, cos I ride on her back but mummy gets grumpy when she's too hot so it would be better not to go me thinks. We'll see eh?

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  1. Greetings from Rantings of a Woman, that is one hilarious post, what a mischievous little duck.

  2. Sounds like a lovely day and some great photos of you!!

  3. Wonderful photos, especially the church!

  4. Hi Duck
    Nice to meet you :)
    My Daddy had also a BIKE :)

    Kareltje =^.^=

  5. We need more piccies of mummy.

  6. What a busy duck you have been! I think I recognized a couple of the strange characters from the movie Monsters, Inc.

  7. Indeed it looks like a very nice day !

  8. That's such a lovely part of the world - it's ages since I've visited. :)

  9. Love that North York Moors Railway!! And Whitby of course. The heather will be getting ready to bloom soon won't it?

  10. looks like you've been having some adventures! Whitby is a nice place to visit...

  11. Hi Duck! We spotted your blog at Pet Pride and we LOVE it! What great adventures you have - we can't wait to read more.... Tail wags - JD and Max.

  12. I love the traveling duck idea. How clever.

  13. How fun! Sunnyboy would have loved to meet Mr Basset and the Monsters Inc characters :)

  14. What fun. I love the photos. You've got me hooked.


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