Wednesday 23 September 2009

Back for Good!

Seems ages since I was sharing my adventures with you, but this is because i have just recovered from a mammoth adventure through Holland, Belguim and France with Mummy, Daddy, Uncle John, Auntie Trish and my very special friend Buzzby!

We set off on Sunday 30th July from Newcastle.
We sailed on a big ferry, arriving in Ijmuiden, Holland, first thing on Monday morning!
Here was the view from my cabin window!

Monday was a very busy day, we drove through Holland and Belguim, arriving in France late afternoon!

Both Buzzby and I were tired and grabbed a few moments of rest when we could!

I kept a look out for any dark clouds which may come along!

Daddy was tired too, so I snuggled next to him and talked about what I could see in the sky!

There was lots of faffing about with maps, but we arrived with Auntie Dorothy on Wednesday afternoon!

Uncle keith had had to travel over to England, but Auntie Dorothy really looked after us.
She made some lovely meals and the wine flowed!

We stayed for 2 wonderful nights, but then it was time to make our way home.

We stopped twice on route, daddy and me posing for a funny picture.
Hope this makes you smile!

We stopped in 2 lovely places.
I was tired and dozed off near the TV!

Our last night was spent in Holland.
We were on the 9th floor!


Well it is good to be back!
I am going on a very very very very special adventure on Sunday and will tell you all about it in the next couple of days!

Watch this space!

Sunday 12 July 2009

Bike Racing at Scarborough!

Auto 66 Club Racing at Oliver's Mount, Scarborough.

Phew! What a good day we have had today.
We went to Scarborough and I saw lots of my friends.

Uncle Andy has a motorbike hire business and he let me sit on one of his bikes!

My friends at the Helmet Park are always pleased to see me,
they call mummy The Duck Lady! lol!

It is run by members of the Guide Dod Association!
They raise money for luvly doggies like this one!

We had a look round the stands...I saw this helmet! lol!
I wonder if I look like that when Daddy goes fast?

I found a good place for me and Daddy and Mummy to watch the races!

See how close to the track we were!

This is Ian Locher, my friend.
Ian knows me, I often have a chat with him.

We moved to another place to watch!

Just in time to see Ian take the lead and win the race.

It was a close thing! Chris Palmer was in the lead at one point but Ian won!
He was favourite to win the main Cock of the North race, but an incident at the Mere Hairpin saw him out in the first lap!

We had a great day and it was nice for me to have some man time with Daddy!
I did tell him some jokes but he strained to understand them!

Well that's it for a week I guess.
Not sure what plans are in store for next weekend but it isn't long now before we go to France.

We leave on 31st August!

Have a good week everybody!

Sunday 5 July 2009

Odd Shots & Whitby

Me, Yesterday with Mr Bassett!

Imagine my surprise yesterday, there we were trundling along the moor villages when we came across this strange group of characters in Glaisdale!

These were very good!

I thought I would join in for a while!

Daddy was waiting for mummy who was taking the photographs.
We couldn't stay too long because the weather was hot and it was uncomfortable for both mummy and daddy in their bike gear! I was OK cos I was flying in the breeze on mummy's back.

We decided to go to the North York Moors Railway and have an icecream.

I had a chat with some of the passengers waiting for a train, they were going to Pickering!

We watched some of the trains

Daddy doesn't like having his photograph taken, can you tell?
If you look into the window you can see my reflection!
Mummy was holding me whilst she took the photograph.

It was good to get out as we hadn't managed to get out on the motorbike last weekend.
It was mummy's birthday and on Sunday we had to do some shopping for Grandma as she wanted a new laptop.

One of mummy's friends, Auntie Julie couldn't go to the big party so she took Mummy and me to Whitby on Friday!

We had a luvly lunch then we went on a boat ride out to sea.

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Auntie Julie and I had a good talk about stuff

I tickled Auntie Julie, she laughed!

You can see The Marine, this is where we had lunch.
Auntie Julie had a crab sandwich, mummy had mackeral.

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Here you can see St. Mary's Church next to Whitby Abbey.
There are 199 steps up to the Abbey! I think I would prefer to fly!

We had a great day!
The weather was a bit iffy and there was a huge downpour which we missed!

Yesterday we had to get some new tyres fitted on the motorbike, so later on when Daddy finishes work we may get out for an adventure. Mummy has said however she wont go if it is too hot as the bike gear can be very very hot! It is OK for me you se, cos I ride on her back but mummy gets grumpy when she's too hot so it would be better not to go me thinks. We'll see eh?

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Monday 29 June 2009

Monday Monday!

Well there wasn't a bike adventure this weekend as it was mummy's birthday BBQ on Saturday night, Daddy was working. Hopefully I will get out for some fresh air next weekend, we'll have to see.

However we did do some talking about our forthcoming adventure.......we are going over to France on July 31st! Yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
We will travel over to Ijmuiden, Holland on the Ferry (Sunday evening) and travel through Belguim arriving in France on the Monday afternoon! I know we are heading to the Loire Valley and visiting Auntie Dorothy & Uncle Keith at some point!

The photograph I am showing today was taken last year at Ijmuiden when we were waiting for the ferry! Daddy had a bad back so I was keeping him company!

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Saturday 27 June 2009

Assen 2008

Photo Hunters and Camera Critters!


This time last year, for Mummy's birthday we went to Assen. We like the ferry journey from Newcastle over to Ijmuiden. We will be going on the same ferry later this summer when we tour France!

Wherever I go I meet new people. Last year was no exception when we went over to Assen for the Moto GP round. Sitting in front of us were some james Toseland fans. James comes from Yorkshire and we have met him on many occasions. He knows me very well!

Here I am with Mummy and Daddy! Mummy isn't that short, Daddy was standing on a chair! lol!

Here is James in action!

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Valentino Rossi had a problem in the first lap and dropped back to 10th position! But being the star he is each round saw him clambering back another position! The crowd was really behind him! I think he came in 4th! One rider run out of petrol about 5 yards from the finishing flag and another rider, Colin Edwards got 3rd position!

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Friday 26 June 2009

Looking up to the Sky!

As a very special Skywatch Friday jesture I would just like to thank Uncle David for mentioning my blog in his posts of the day awards. I was truly humbled as to receive such recognition for my new blog is really humbling.
On behalf of all bloggers out there I would like to say a big thank you to Uncle David cos he takes time to encourage us all out there and it is always nice to say Thank You!

When you look up at the sky do make a wish for a blue sky on Saturday cos it is mummy's birthday BBQ and we have lots of friends and family coming round!

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Tuesday 23 June 2009

W is for....My World Tuesday!

Parliament Square, Ramsey IOM

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This is me on the back of mummy. Daddy is the rider. This photograph sums up my world, as seen from the back of a motorbike.
I have to thank Babooshka for taking this photograph.
It pretty much sums up my world.
You would be amazed at the things I see and the people I meet.
Over the next few weeks I will share my world with you!